24. Oktober 2021

Office Power Tools

PowerPoint Addins

PRESIX for Google Slides

PRESIX for PowerPoint (order by email)

Color Explorer: detect and replace colors in PPT slides

Rasterize Tool: align shapes into a grid with the click of a button

Consistent Layout Tool: do a shape transformation on one slide and then consistently apply this transformation to all slides

Smart-Fill / Re-color tool: Re-color a complex grouped shape with the click of a button

Copy-paste relative distance tool: Copy alignment between two elements to a set of elements

Export slides as PNGs of custom size e.g. 1080p (1920×1080)

User Shape Library: add customized shapes with the click of a button

Word Addins

Unprotect Word documents and enable editing

One-click save as PDF file

Save all images with the click of a button

Excel Addins

Paste into visible cells only

Copy visible cells only

Formula Navigator