24. Oktober 2021

PRESIX for Google Slides (add-on)

Install from Google Marketplace (7-day free trial)
Windows Mac No download required Free trial

Notable Features

New alignment optionsAlign a set of elements relative to the first element selected
Quick access to standard alignment optionsGroup/un-group
Bring to front/send to back
Align center/middle relative to the whole slide area*
Distribute horizontally/vertically*
Pick and apply positionMake a sticker appear in the same spot on every slide
Stack a set of elementsLeft-to-right and top-to-bottom
Copy relative distance between two elements to another set of two elements*
Quickly control text margins
Set the text margins to zero or increase/decrease the margins**
User shape libraryClick a shape and add it to your personal shape library
PRESIX shapesNumber balls
Traffic lights
Harvey balls
Horizontal and vertical boxes
Value chain
Flow triangle
IconsCheck mark/tick
Notable Features

* = in development
** = considered


Why is this extension sometimes slow?

This is due to how Google designed their JavaScript API for Google Slides. One part of our application runs in an HTML iframe, but another part of the application runs as a server backend (a requirement made by Google), making it less responsive. For any other Google Slides extension it will be the same. In addition, the Google Slides API is not yet optimized for performance, unlike PowerPoint. We raised this performance issue with Google to improve performance on large presentations.

Why is there a „Mark as first“ button?

The Google Slides API currently has the limitation that the selected shapes are in not particular order. The PowerPoint version of our add-on does not require you to select a first element, because in PowerPoint the API has guaranteed order. We opened this feature request with Google to achieve a similar behavior.

Can I undo operations?

Yes. You must deselect any objects you may have selected and then press Ctrl + z (Undo).

Can you access my whole Google Drive?

No. We do not have access to your Google Drive.

Can you access all my presentations?

No. We do not have „background“ access to your presentations.

Where is my PRESIX User Library stored?

We create an empty presentation called „PRESIX-UserLibrary“ in the root of your Google Drive.

We do not have access to your Google Drive, but Google just puts it there until you move it to some other place.

You can move this file to a folder if you want to. You can also delete it and we will create a new one the next time you open our Google Slides extension. When you delete it, make sure you also delete it from your recycle bin, as files are put into the recycle bin first and the file is technically still there, so our add-on will still write to this file until it is permanently deleted.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You have to cancel your subscription through PayPal. When we do not receive the next planned payment, your plan just expires and you will lose access. You can re-activate your subscription in PayPal, or create a new subscription through our App any time.
PayPal has kind of buried the option to cancel a subscription deep down in the menus, so here is a link to a YouTube video (not created by us): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTU1yDMBhF8

Contact information

Technical inquiries: presix@cloud-initiative.de

Non-technical inquiries: Friedemann Laubach at presix.de. Friedemann worked many years at strategy consulting firm BCG where he was responsible for graphics design and slide design. He is now a freelancer. If you need any further graphics services, he is happy to help you.

Privacy Policy

  • We will only use your data to the extend necessary to provide our service.
  • We will store your Google login name to associate with your login a record with information about your service plan (the kind of plan you have chosen: trial or premium, as well as the start and end date).
  • All payments processing is done by PayPal. We just get a notification from PayPal when you activate, fulfill and cancel a subscription or payment. We do not store any payments data on our servers. The PayPal IPN notifications are processed as they come in and not stored in any database.
  • We will not give away your data to a 3rd party for processing other than Google itself.
  • We do only have access to the presentations that you use our extension with.
  • For the User Library feature we create a new Google Slides presentation on behalf of you.
  • We do not have access to any other non-presentation files in your Google Drive.
  • All our infrastructure is hosted with Google Cloud in the region europe-west3 (Germany, Frankfurt). We reserve the right to move within Google Cloud to another region to enhance our customer experience (less latency).
  • We do not do any data collection in the extensions itself at the moment. However, we reserve the right to use Google Analytics in the future in our extension. We will then provide you with a way to opt-out of any tracking.

Terms of Service

  • We provide a Google Slides extension to make life of people easier.
  • We offer a 7-day free trial period.
  • After the trial period you must sign up through PayPal for a monthly premium subscription that renews automatically. We only take payments through PayPal. As soon as we get an electronic notification from PayPal that your payment is through, we will activate your premium subscription.
  • With PayPal you can pay in any currency because PayPal will convert it to our account’s target currency (at our cost) automatically.
  • All prices are quoted in dollar ($) and refer to a period of one month. The prices are quoted without any taxes that might come on top of the quoted price.
  • When you issue a charge back through PayPal or open any claim/case against us with PayPal we will block your account from any future business activity with us. When you have questions then please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.
  • We provide our services on a best-effort basis. We cannot be held responsible and deny any warranty for direct or indirect damage caused by our software, such as – but not limited to – deleted slides, loss of work, modified slides that might lead to other damage.
  • We will send you a notification should there be any material change to our terms of service or our privacy policy that requires or justifies such a notification. The notification can be of two forms at our discretion: (1) via Mail (Google login name), or (2) we display a dialog upon your next use of our extension.